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1. Installation for the synthesis of nanocrystalline materials


(Chiriță Mihăilă Ion Marius, Bănică Radu, Gurgu Radu, Ursu Daniel Horațiu, Grozescu Ioan)


2. Process for the synthesis of iron carbonate (FeCO3) microparticles by hydrothermal decomposition of the Fe-EDTA complex


(Chiriță Mihăilă Ion Marius, Bănică Radu, Grozescu Ioan)


3. Process for the synthesis of hematite nanoparticles


(Chiriță Mihăilă Ion Marius, Bănică Radu, Dabici Anamaria, Grozescu Ioan)


4. Process for the synthesis of PdS/CdxZn1-xS visibly active photocatalysts using low purity precursors


(Bănică Radu, Ursu Daniel, Moșoarcă Cristina, Racu Andrei, Linul Petrică, Nyari Terezia, Svera Paula, Pascariu Mihai-Cosmin, Negrea Petru, Sasca Viorel Zoltan, Hedeș Alexandru)



Expertise in physical-chemical characterization: SEM-EDS, UV-VIS-NIR spectroscopy, photocatalysis, qualitative and quantitative chemical analysis and somewhat less in XRD, porosimetry (BET), cyclic voltammetry and gas chromatography.


Experience in chemical synthesis: classical and microwave-activated hydrothermal synthesis, various heat treatments in inert and controlled environment, thin film manufacturing using the "Meyer rod" method and spray-pyrolysis.


Experience in manufacturing complex systems: solar cells, photoreactors operating in monochromatic and polychromatic light, flow electrochemical cells using inert medium and working electrode irradiation, "solid-state" synthesis reactors in microwave field, protection masks with HEPA filters, moderate experience with lathe, milling and cutting equipment.



Between 2018-2020, dr. Radu Bănică studied, within the PCCDI contract 42/2018, the obtaining of three-dimensional structures based on graphene, graphene oxide and three-dimensional nanostructures based on silver nanowires, used in sensor design. It also manufactured two types of new freeze dryers, one of which being in the patenting stage, and has manufactured aerogels using these new devices. Also, during the coronavirus pandemic, he carried out activities for designing and manufacturing personal protective equipment and for determining their efficiency.





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