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LERF is energy-autonomous, due to the electric power provided by photovoltaic cells (1200 m2) of different types, located on the neighboring INCEMC hall, and also due to the geothermal air conditioning system. The laboratory possess a fully independent (off-grid) three-phase 10 kW photovoltaic system, built in AC bus topology. Also, the on-grid (coupled with the power supplier) photovoltaic system of the laboratory is one of the most efficient sources of electricity obtained from solar energy. The power of the installed panels (of various types) exceeds 80 kW, and the unused energy is injected into the national energy system.


The building’s geothermal air conditioning system consists of a water-water heat pump with simultaneous heat production, cold/hot water and energy recovery. The system features a highly efficient heat recovery (54 % in summer and 63 % in winter), a 50/40 °C warm water battery with 96 kW capacity, and a 7/12 °C cold water cooler with a capacity of 105.6 kW.


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