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About our electroconductive smart ink...

About our electroconductive smart ink...



e-ink is an ink based on metal nanowires for the electronics industry that was developed by researchers of the “Electroconductive Smart Ink” team from the National Institute of Research and Development for Electrochemistry and Condensed Matter Timisoara and University Politehnica Timisoara within the “Innovation Labs 2021” program.


e-ink is synthesized with different compositions depending on the field of application and is based on patented materials that allow the welding of silver nanowires functionalized with tin and indium nanoparticles at temperatures lower than 232 °C and 157 °C respectively. The product having a viscosity lower than 5 cP at room temperature is packed in both 2 and 4 mL glass vials. After the evaporation of the dispersion medium, the corrosion resistance in ambient conditions of the non-functionalized wires is significantly better than of the functionalized ones that have to be subsequently protected with a sprayed layer of lacquer.




The fields of application are diverse this ink being OPTIMAL for:


  • fabrication of an electroconductive and transparent layer on flexible supports; the transmittance of the layer can vary between 0 and 90% depending on the required resistivity of the surface;
  • fabrication of gas sensors; we constructed sensors based on metal nanowires for the detection of hydrogen sulfide;
  • fabrication of chameleon objects having electrically adjustable color;
  • fabrication of foils and radiant surfaces having a working temperature between 20 and 70 °C.


The ink can also be used for: electromagnetic shielding, static discharge, fabrication of bactericidal surfaces, repairs of electronic devices and much more.


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