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Experimental results


“Photocatalytic-photovoltaic hybrid system for conversion of solar energy into electricity”


At the end of 2015 a new type of photoreactor constructed by LERF researchers was presented at the Innovation Regional Fair 2015 from Arad (Romania). The product works in concentrated light (about twenty times the Sun’s intensity) and brings up the new idea of introducing a photoreactor into an integration sphere consisting of photovoltaic cells. The installation is able to produce hydrogen by photocatalysis, using Pd/CdS nanoparticles specifically synthesized by LERF researchers. The blue light is absorbed by the photocatalyst while the other reflected components are directly converted into electrical energy by means of solar cells with polycrystalline silicon. The hydrogen is stored and then converted into electricity using a fuel cell, while at the same time more electricity is being produced by the solar cell. Named "Photocatalytic-photovoltaic hybrid system for conversion of solar energy into electricity", it was awarded the 4th place.



Solar tracker photoreactor


Another photocatalytic installation, which produces hydrogen using natural solar light, uses a parabolic linear concentrator placed on an automatic solar tracker. A water-cooled photoreactor is placed in the center of the concentrator. An additional system assures the purification of hydrogen and its conversion into electricity by means of a fuel cell.



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