Renewable Energies - Photovoltaic Laboratory

Areas of activity

Fundamental research


  • Computational modeling of graphenes using quantum chemistry methods
  • Vibrational spectroscopy of inorganic oxides and oxyanions
  • Relationship between crystalline polymorphism of inorganic compounds and their vibration spectra
  • Homo- and heteropolynuclear coordination compounds
  • Oxidic systems obtained through decomposition of coordination compounds
  • Computational chemistry study of glycoderivatives’ mass spectra


Applied research and technological development


  • Thin layers for photocatalysis and photovoltaic cells
  • Photocatalysts based on double (cadmium/zinc) sulfides and silver nanowires
  • Composite materials based on graphene/ternary chalcogenides (CuInS2/CuGaS2)
  • Optical materials (Y2O3:Er, MgAl2O4:Er, SrAl2O4:Er, Y3Ga5O12:Er, CuYO2) with luminescent properties for various applications, including luminescent solar concentrators
  • Transparent conducting oxides (CuYO2)
  • Electrochemical applications of porphyrins (electrocatalysis, sensors, anticorrosion protection)
  • Apatites for materials with biomedical applications
  • Composite materials based on cenospheres
  • Biocatalysis
  • Modified monosaccharides for biomedical applications (surfactants)
  • Polysaccharides extracted from mushrooms for applications in dermatocosmetology
  • Environmental quality monitoring, eco-friendly constructions, electric boats


Training of specialists


  • Specialization programs for students and researchers with applications on the instruments available in LERF and with focus on the laboratory’s research directions



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