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Double-distilled water

Double-distilled water


Pure water obtained by distillation. The water obtained by distillation is usually purer than deionized water, which may contain non-ionic dissolved substances.





1-9 L: 7.1 lei/L without TVA;


9-40 L: 6.8 lei/L without TVA;


> 40 L: 6.5 lei/L withoutTVA.





Bulk double distilled water:



Conductivity at 20 ºC <1.3 μS/cm;


pH = 5.8 – 7.0 depending on the amount of dissolved atmospheric CO2;


Organoleptic characteristics: odorless, colorless;


Purity greater than 99.99%.



Unlike other products on the market, for special applications we can offer distilled water packaged in an inert environment and low pressure degassed distilled water with the issuance of the analysis bulletin for dissolved oxygen content.


A large range of additional analyzes can be performed on large quantities or for a fee.


Please keep in mind that the product is not microbiologically pure and is not handled in a sterile environment!





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